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About Us

Big Dipper Dough Co manufactures edible egg-free cookie dough that can be enjoyed raw or baked into fresh cookies! We currently produce two flavors Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Monster Cookie (Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Coconut, and Oatmeal) with plans to increase our product line as we grow. Our Dough is great as a stand alone cookie dough, it goes great on ice creams, shakes, malts, and the founders personal favorite is to take two cookies, smash a big glob of cookie dough between them and eat it like an ice cream sandwich! We also believe there is a beauty in inefficiency. There is a beauty in hand written thank you notes, in the founders phone number being on the packaging, and of us doing everything we can to grow our business and succeed. We don't cut corners or do it the cheap or necessarily the easiest way. We are based on values of doing the right thing every time which in turn turns our customers into die-hard fans of our company and products. Our mission is to have it where our customers won't buy cookie dough from any other brand ever again, and when the conversation of cookie dough comes up, Big Dipper Dough Co is discussed everytime by them.

Thank you,
Austin Groesser

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Austin Groesser