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About Us

MacDonald Audio provides professional on-hold messaging, in-store-messaging, and streaming music services throughout the United States. We also offer customized professional audio for voice mail prompts, auto attendants, web sites, radio & television production.

Our messaging services include hardware that will work with any brand or type of business telephone system including two line hold, PBX, VoIP, and everything in between. Use the power and persuasion of the human voice, advocate for your business. MacDonald Audio also functions as a marketing collaborator by helping customers develop and refine their advertising and marketing strategies.

We offer a variety of messaging hardware options, from plug 'n plug to sophisticated remote load directly connected to our Michigan recording studios. We are a customer service driven company. Let MacDonald Audio enhance your image with expert on-hold-messaging, in-store messaging, and streaming music services. Professional audio solutions for any application.

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