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About Us

Mane Content, your local full service video content provider, is here to help you tell your story. Just like your business, Mane Content is located in Northern Michigan. Our staff is experienced and equipped with the latest gear, and they love what they do! Our team can help you put together just the right message to reach your audience, whether it’s your employees or customers. We produce video content for employee training, products, social media, email communications, television, trade shows, and so much more!

Video is the proven way to have your message remembered. Video holds attention, it’s entertaining, and it engages the viewer. Through sight, sound, and emotion, your message is absorbed without being forced onto a viewer. Plus, you can share a lot of information in a short time.

The creative team at Mane Content consists of copywriters, videographers, directors, editors, and licensed drone pilots. Mane Content works with you to keep the creative process simple while making sure that your video gets great results. We can also customize the production to work within your budget.

Mane Content was formally known as 9&10 News Creative Services. Growth in the industry caused the team to expand into its own division.